1960 Thru 1966 Chevrolet Pickups 
were all similar


  1960 had a bar grill and the 1961 was written  Chevrolet      besides the grille the 1960 and 1961 are exactly alike        1962 changed the hood, grille, and single head lights
    The 1963 Hood is the same as the 1964 & Grill is Close                1960 to 1963 had a wrap around windshield     1964 to 1966 had a flater windshield and different doors
  This is a 1964  to 1966 grills and hoods are the Same   This is a 1965 but it's the same entirely as the 1964 & 1966        This is a 1966 but it is Identical to the 1964 & 1965
  Long & Short Fleet Side beds available from 1960 - 1966     Small Back Glass & Step Sides available 1960 to 1966     Small Back Glass & Fleet Sides available 1960 to 1966
         All years offered Long & Short Wheel Bases       These Years also had 4 Wheel Drive Available Too   Custom Cabs with Large Back Glasses available all Years
          The Long Bed Step Side was even an Option       You Could Even Get A Panel Wagon in These Years       You even see Step Sides with the Big Back Glass Also

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