1949 1950 1951 Fords
The differences in these Almost a like Fords

In 1949 the word Ford was above the grille and the park lights were at the end of the grille-49 & 50's has an arch in the hood for the grill-the 1951 hood and grill was both straight across

In 1950 Ford started a new emblem was on the front of the hood and the grill was slightly modified from the 1949 most popular engine in all these is the flat head 8 cylinder

 In 1951 several changes came about. The grille had two crowns in the center instead of one and was straight across 1951 was the last year Ford used the two piece windshield.

The 1949 & 1950 were almost the same from behind but the 1950 had bumper guards. The 1951 had larger tail lights and hidden trunk hinges. 1949 & 1950 the trunk hinges were exposed

Shoe Box Tudor Sedan

 Long Tail Club Coupe Tudor

1951 added chrome up the side from tail lights

1950 convertible has a rear continental kit

Here's the Crown Victoria Fords which was the prettiest and most expensive of the "Shoe Box Fords" in their day but the Crown Victoria's made in 1955 &1956 were the most expensive.

1949  Customized Woody Station Wagon

Custom Deluxe Convertible Continental

1951 Convertible Dressed Shoe Box

1950 Standard Deluxe Shoe Box

1949 Ford "Shoe Box" 4 Door Sedan

1949 Ford "Shoe Box" 2 Door Sedan

1951 Ford Woody Station Wagon

Most Common 1949 Plain Jane Shoe Box

Million Dollar Question : Now can you tell the difference in the 1949, the 1950, and the 1951 Fords ?????????

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