1941 1946 1947 1948 are all Similar
Many Refers to These Years as the Ford Bombs
Brief Reminder, Most Vehicles made from 1942 1943,1944, 1945 were designed for World War II


1941 Ford - Park Lights on top of the Fenders & a Crazy  Grille

1946 Ford has the Park Lights above the Wide Grille

1947 Ford Coupe - the Park Lights Under the Head Lights


1947 Fords are so close with the 1948 Ford

1947 Ford Coupe has one back glass

1947 Ford has no emblem in front on the hood


1948 has the Emblem in the Front of the hood 1947 Ford Don't

 Everything Else is all the Same

   1948 Ford Coupe this picture shows that Emblem better


1941 Ford Convertible Coupe

1941 Ford Woody Wagon

1941 Ford Pick-up is the 1st year the front isn't the same as Cars


1946 Ford 2 Door Sedan -
Many of these were Top Chopped

 1946 Ford Pickup Truck had a Cab like the 1940 Ford

1946 Ford Sedan Back Side

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